Twitter re-launched the iOS version of Periscope in March this year and now, the live video streaming app is also available on Android.

Periscope is a useful app for people who want to broadcast their videos to friends and family or to the public. The app is great for sharing things happening around the world, such as a sporting event, or to an individual, such as one's graduation.

Many people may get conscious while broadcasting videos, however. To make that perfect video using Periscope, here are some tips for using the live streaming app.

Timing of the Video

Since Periscope will be connected to an individual's Twitter account, a user should try and find the best time when followers are engaged in browsing posts. The videos posted via Periscope are usually available for 24 hours but a user can store a video in the handset as well.

Length of the Video

Many people often access Twitter, Facebook and other social media websites while on the go. A short video is therefore likely to grab the attention of followers who view media on mobile devices.


The title of a video is normally the first thing that a user views and it probably influences their decision to view it. On Periscope, users just see the title and the user's name. A catchy title is likely to attract others to go forward and tune in to the video or stream later (within 24 hours). The title should also be straightforward so that users know what to expect from the title.

Location Tagging

Many people who have used Periscope before were sometimes skeptical about turning on location tagging as it reveals the location from where the video was posted. However, the app now shows the location as a large geographic region and not a specific location. Periscope users should feel free to turn on location tagging for that extra piece of info about the clip.

Responding to Comments

When viewers watch a video, they can leave comments or "heart" the clip. Other viewers can also see the comments as well as the number of hearts your video has received. Responding to comments and acknowledging the hearts encourage engagement and make for a two-way conversation.

More hearts mean that the specific username will be ranked in the app under "Popular People to Follow." The Periscope app also has a "Most Loved" section that lists users based on the most number of hearts from total broadcasts.


Individuals and brands need to understand what is best liked by the viewers. Experimenting with various types of content will enable broadcasters to understand what is doing well.

Having the Right Equipment

A user will need a smartphone with Periscope installed in it. Smartphones with a good video camera can enhance the quality of a video broadcast. Users should opt for a smartphone that has a camera that reduces background noise. A tripod or a rig is handy when users do not want a video to be shaky. A seamless video with great voice content may attract many viewers.

Internet Connection

A strong Wi-Fi or 4G Internet connection should be used for streaming live video as users do not want any interruptions while broadcasting live.

Periscope is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and requires Android 4.4 or above.

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