Have you ever found yourself wondering about something from Marvel comics, perhaps something you read or something you wanted to follow up on? Maybe you want to remember a particular comic book title or character, but can't remember much about it.

Now, instead of digging through your old comic books, you have a much simpler solution. Meet iMarvel, your one-stop search engine for all things Marvel.

The iMarvel search engine, created by Filix Mogilevsky, uses Marvel's open API to search through the massive database that Marvel has at its fingertips and lets you find exactly what you're looking for - if you're looking for information on specific comic book titles or characters.

Let's say you want to search the Marvel database for information on Gamora. Choose "Characters" from the dropdown box, and as you type in the first few letters of your query, the search automatically guesses what you're looking for and gives you some choices based on that. Hit "search" to see results and you get two hits for the character, including the Gamora we're familiar with from Guardians of the Galaxy and the version of the character from Marvel War of Heroes.

For more information, you can click on links from each result that takes you to the appropriate page on Marvel's website. The iMarvel search engine makes it a lot less complicated in finding comic books and characters this way than doing so on the official Marvel website using its search.

The iMarvel search engine is probably the first of what will soon be a lot of apps and tools delving into the Marvel universe, thanks to Marvel recently opening up its API to anyone interested in developing something with it. There are 70 years worth of information available to those who know how to tap into it, so all interested developers should sign up.

Meanwhile, iMarvel aims to serve up results, whether you're looking for a title none of your friends have heard of or searching for a character familiar to those not even interested in comic books. Of course, you are still limited to what information Marvel has on its own website, but if you need a deeper search, you can always Google or search Wikipedia for what you find on iMarvel.

[Photo Credit: iMarvel]

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