Google unveiled its latest version of Android, Android M, at Google I/O. HTC has announced that the HTC One M9 and One M9+ will receive an update to the new OS, and more devices will be announced soon.

When Google unveiled Android 5.0 Lollipop at last year's Google I/O, HTC was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to publicly announce that it would offer the update within 90 days of Google's release for some of its current smartphones. This was welcomed news for current and future owners of its flagship HTC One M8 and its predecessor, the One M7.

The road to Android 5.0 Lollipop proved troublesome for HTC, and it missed its 90-day goal in the U.S., prompting the company to inform One M8 owners on when they could expect to see Android 5.0 Lollipop released. When the Lollipop update for both the HTC One M8 and One M7 were officially released, we reported that many users were experiencing problems with the update, which included freezing apps, excessive battery drain, forced reboots and more.

It's no secret that HTC's latest flagship, the HTC One M9, isn't selling nearly as well as last year's One M8 or 2013's One M7. If you happen to own either the HTC One M9 or One M9+, you'll be happy to know that HTC publicly announced that Android M would be released for both of those smartphones.

Jeff Gordon, HTC's Senior Global Online Communications Manager, took to Twitter to announce the news: "Good news! The HTC One M9 and M9+ will be updated to Android M, with more devices to be announced soon."

Once we hear anymore information on which devices will receive an update to Android M, we'll be sure to pass along the news.

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