There go the tears of fanboys around the world. Not tears of joy but tears of sadness after it was reported that Disney closed the lid on Tron 3.

Tron 3 was one of those movies that many wanted to see due to the cult following of the original. The second, Tron: Legacy, did not perform well at the box office, and thus, Disney had to think long and hard whether or not to venture down that path ever again.

After the disappointing showing of Tomorrowland, Disney got scared and chose to drop Tron 3 altogether.

The Hollywood Reporter claims production on the movie would have kicked into gear this fall in Vancouver. Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde were set to reprise their roles as Sam Flynn and Quorra, respectively, and director Joseph Kosinski, who helmed the last film, was expected to sit in the chair once more.

The publication also claims that Disney wanted to add Jared Leto to the cast, but negotiations fell through probably because he had been courted by Warner Bros. for the role of the Joker in the 2016 DC movie Suicide Squad.

No doubt this is a huge letdown for many fans, but it is not a huge loss for the film industry. The Tron franchise has a cult following, and that's pretty much it. Let's face it, the first and second movies weren't that good and are only talked about by the few fans who enjoyed them more than everybody else.

It was pure luck why Tron: Legacy was brought to theaters, and it depended on another stroke of luck for Tron 3 to exit the gates of Disney hell. It is safe to say right now that Tron 3 is dead, and the only thing fans can expect in the next 10 years is a complete reboot of the franchise.

Isn't it just terrible how the performance of one movie can affect the creation of an entirely different film? Yes, that's Hollywood.

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