It's almost impossible not to see some form of Apple advertisement somewhere. Billboards are displayed in the cities, posters in bus stops and trains, ads are on the pages of magazines and websites and of course, commercials play during breaks of your favorite show.

Now, the company is expanding its "Shot on iPhone 6" photo campaign by adding videos made by real users to Apple's image gallery.

Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" ad campaign originally featured 77 photographers in 70 cities across 24 countries. The photos taken were displayed everywhere, such as on the back of The New Yorker magazine, on billboards in Los Angeles and even on social media sites. The photos were also added to a new section of Apple's website called World Gallery that debuted in March.

Now, Apple has added seven videos that are each about 15 seconds, to the gallery. All of the short films were taken with an iPhone 6 by amateur cinematographers. The videos highlight the iPhone 6's 8 megapixel iSight camera, better known as the smartphone's rear-facing camera, which has the ability to capture slow-motion and time-lapse videos in 1080p HD at 60 frames per second.

The videos, which include waves crashing, the Chicago L train and lady bugs, will also premiere tonight on television as well as in theaters and in Web ads.

Shot in high definition, combined with interesting composition and the right lighting — along with the Apple logo thrown in on the end — the videos look professionally-done. Although they are brief, viewers can see various camera features at play, such as video stabilization, which proves you don't need a tripod — or even a separate professional video camera — to capture professional-quality content.

However, not all the ads rely solely on the iSight's capabilities. The video of the Chicago L train from Cocu L. used Instagram's Hyperlapse in order to achieve the movement, and Cielo de la Paz used an Olloclip macro lens accessory with 7x magnification to get up close and personal with the lady bug.

Apple's main message in these new video ads is that the iPhone 6 camera will be the one and only camera you need to capture life's moments.

Watch the seven video ads from real iPhone 6 users below.

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Photo: Omar Jordan Fawahl | Flickr

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