Jose Canseco made a lot of enemies with his 2005 tell-all book, "Juiced," which outed several of his Major League Baseball peers' performance-enhancing drug and steroid use. He also shed light on a rampant problem the MLB had.

However, back to the former point ... the ex-MLB slugger ticked off plenty of players and pretty much became a pariah in the baseball community for it. That being said, the clever minds at Slow Clap came up with the concept to have Canseco apologize to some of the players he outed in his book. What resulted was absolute hilarity, not to mention some of the most ridiculous apology offers you'll ever see.

The skit starts with the guys from Slow Clap talking Canseco through various ways to apologize to all the players he blew the whistle on. They collectively come up with giving Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez a bouquet of Edible Arrangements before bringing in a barbershop quartet to sing sorry to Rafael Palmeiro.

Canseco hilariously refuses to apologize to Alex Rodriguez, saying "I'd rather kick his ass," before challenging him to an MMA match.

However, the best apology offering was a ridiculous poem accompanied with a homemade, Sharpie-inked sign that read, "Sorry Mark — Read My Poem! Love, Jose."

Slow Clap didn't stop there, getting Canseco to attend a recent St. Louis Cardinals-Los Angeles Dodgers game to try to get McGwire's attention. Of course, they didn't, as McGwire, a hitting coach for the Dodgers, was concentrating on the game and nothing else.

Nevertheless, this is one funny skit. Jose ... don't worry, you and Mark will always be the "Bash Brothers."

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