The reboot of Secret Wars turned the entire Marvel Comic Universe upside down. All the heroes and villains from the different series – who would never normally cross paths – were made to duke it out on Battleworld. Now, Marvel is telling its fans to brace themselves as Secret Wars comes to a close, saying it will completely change the course and landscape of the whole Marvel Universe for good.

In less than a year, Marvel has already undergone some major changes. A female Thor, a black Captain America, and even a Muslim teen from Jersey as Ms. Marvel.

But that was just the beginning, according to Axel Alonso, Marvel's editor-in-chief.

"This fall, we will be inviting readers into a universe comprised of bold new landscapes populated with characters and teams both familiar and brand-new," he said in a press release.

So what exactly are the changes to be expected come fall? Here is a quick rundown of the game-changing reboots as hinted in the All-New All-Different poster image:

After the multiversal upheaval in the Secret Wars, it looks like Spider-Gwen will be in the main Marvel Universe instead of returning to her own home.

Agent Coulson
From the Marvel films to television S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Coulson appears alongside characters with S.H.I.E.L.D. and U.S. government connections.

Decked out in her new but retro-inspired look, Spider-Woman is ready to get into action (but interestingly is not lined up at top with the other Spideys).

Black Panther
T'Challa, it seems, will be another major player — continuing his up-front and center role he's been establishing since Captain America: Civil Wars.

Peter Parker is in the image. But, as has already been announced, the "Peter Parker for the 21st century" is Kamala Khan — a 16-year-old Pakistani American.

Captain America
As we mentioned earlier, The Falcon took up the shield of Captain America and it looks like he'll be keeping it even after the Secret Wars are over.

Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier
And the man who trained the Falcon to be the red-white-and-blue hero? He's back and donning his "Super Soldier" costume.

Iron Man
Tony Stark, is that you in the brand-spankin' new suit?

He's coming out with a new movie soon, so it's no surprise this little hero will be taking on a bigger role in the comics as well.

Although many thought that Jane Foster's time as Thor would come to an end, it looks like female Thor is here to stay for a while.

The Vision
A breakthrough character in Age of Ultron, The Vision will be getting more attention post-Secret Wars as well as in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Ms. Marvel
The Marvel Universe's first Muslim hero truly shows how Marvel is keeping to its word of "making the comics more reflective of the world outside readers' windows."

Miles Morales
Is the world big enough for two Spidey Men in the Marvel Universe at the same time? The teaser image seems to hint so.

Red Wolf
Although his face was mostly obscured, his identity was confirmed to be the 21st century version of the Native American hero. 

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