An Indian import and export database site has listed unannounced Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S5 with 2K display, Galaxy S5 Active, Samsung's first Tizen smartphone and more are being tested in India.

Companies go to great lengths to keep details of unannounced devices out of the public view. Leaked products have the potential to seriously hurt a company if consumers choose to hold off on buying a current device because they know a new one is right around the corner.

Samsung is all too familiar with watching unannounced smartphones and tablets hit the web before the company gets a chance to announce the new devices. Last summer, Samsung scheduled an Unpacked event that was meant to introduce the world to the Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Mini, and Galaxy S4 Zoom. In the days leading up to the event all three smartphones' specs and images leaked on the web, forcing Samsung to announce the Galaxy S4 variants before its scheduled event.

It looks like Samsung is having a case of déjà vu, as Indian import and export database Zauba has listed new Samsung smartphones that have entered the country for testing. The list contains a new Galaxy S5 variant that will have a higher-resolution display than the just-released Galaxy S5 coming in at 1440 x 2560, and is listed by model numbers SM-G906S and SM-G906K. The Galaxy S5 Neo is listed as model number SM-G800F, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has a model number of SM-G870A. Samsung's first Tizen OS-based smartphone appears on the list and has a model number of SM-Z9005; Samsung has already confirmed this smartphone and the company is expected to launch the handset in the coming weeks.

Part of the reason Samsung is expected to launch an updated Galaxy S5 with a 1440 x 2560 4K display is due to LG's upcoming flagship smartphone, the LG G3. The smartphone is expected to be the first handset to ship with a 2K display and we all know how Samsung likes to beat LG to market, most recently by rushing the launch of the Galaxy Round just so it could beat LG's G Flex with having the first smartphone to ship with a flexible display.

We'll keep you posted on all of these smartphones when more information becomes available.

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