Forget Laser Pointers: Check Out This Homemade 'Laser Shotgun' [Video]


For all you evil villains in the making, here's a high-tech weapon you can add to your garage arsenal of toys to take over the world with. It's super cool, it works, and we're not actually sure how legal it is depending on where you live. But hey, when it comes to nefarious world-dominating schemes, you just gotta have a laser gun, right?

This do-it-yourself laser shotgun was created by YouTuber styropyro. He has uploaded laser projects on his channel in the past, but this one really ups the ante.

Although he does not upload a step-by-step tutorial, with a bit of know-how on lasers and a soldering tool, perhaps you too can build your very own 40 watt laser, capable of bursting balloons and setting fire to random objects to your heart's desire.

Just remember, as styropyro himself says about his creation:

"Dangerous is an understatement—there's no, no good reason for anyone to own anything this powerful ... But because it wasn't illegal for me to build, I decided to build it anyway."

(Actually, the legality of building a laser shotgun of this strength varies from state to state—best to check your local laws first before embarking on this insane maker project.)

Styropyro, a.k.a. Mr. Anthony, is a triple science major who has been uploading projects onto his YouTube channel since 2006. He also hosts a web series called "DIY Laser Guy," where he educates other laser enthusiasts on more legally sound construction projects. His channel has over 55 million views to date.

One more thing, even if you're wearing the requisite cool, super villain sunglasses whenever you work with lasers, it is never a good idea to point it into your eyes.

So if you're ready to throw caution to the wind, carry on, evil geniuses—and make your very own laser shoguns.

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