Following weeks of rumors and speculation, Marvel has confirmed that Punisher is coming to Netflix's Daredevil in Season 2.

Who will don Punisher's skull-face t-shirt? How's this for perfect casting?

It's Jon Bernthal. Genre fans probably remember Bernthal best as Shane Walsh on AMC's The Walking Dead. Bernthal got to show off the full range of his acting chops on that show, starting as a relatively good man but descending deeper and deeper into darkness and obsession. Those traits will serve him well as Frank Castle, aka Punisher.

It's unknown what tone Daredevil's interpretation of Punisher will take, but given the show's darker look at the Marvel Universe, it seems likely that Bernthal's Frank Castle will be something of an antagonist to Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock. Both men want to see evildoers brought to justice, but Murdock is willing to work with the legal system while Castle doles out his own brand of punishment — usually via bloody execution.

Daredevil's second season is expected sometime in 2016.

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