Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had an entire generation of children all over the world wishing an owl would magically come to their homes and drop an acceptance letter into the esteemed U.K. school for young wizards and witches.

But now, Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling reveals that there is also an American equivalent of Hogwarts, and she has been dropping hints about its origins and possible location on her Twitter. Even more, we may even get a tour of the U.S. Wizarding school when the new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits theatres.

Check out the string of tweets posted by Rowling herself concerning the location and possible magical and cultural origins of the American Magic school where Newt Scamander (who will be played by Eddie Redmayne) will meet some magical beast-hunting colleagues.

First, fans thought that the American School might be The Salem Witches Institute, but Rowling quickly debunked that theory.

When asked for the name of the U.S. Wizarding school though, she was mum on the subject.

When one fan was excited at the prospect of Newt Scamander visiting a magic school in New York, Rowling quickly corrected her.

One very insightful fan managed to guess a very big detail about the school.

So, a U.S. Wizarding and Magic School that is NOT based in New York and is NOT the Salem Witches Institute but will be rooted in Native American magic?

Who wouldn't love to get an acceptance letter to go there?

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