Cadillac's 2016 Models To Support Apple's CarPlay And Google's Android Auto


This isn't your father's Cadillac.

The luxury-car maker will be supporting both Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto, beginning with all its 2016 models, except the SRX Crossover, which is in the final month of production before turning into a new version. This comes after Chevrolet announced that it will be supporting both tech giants' respective bundle of car infotainment systems, including maps, music and more, and Hyundai announced that its Sonata model would be the first to debut Android Auto.

Cadillac drivers will be able to enjoy CarPlay as soon as this summer, the beginning of the 2016 model rollout. Meanwhile, Cadillac is still putting Android Auto through its validation testing, which will last a few months, but its vehicles will be fully supporting Google's platform of maps and music in the middle of the 2016 model year.

Drivers will be able to access Android Auto or CarPlay through its enhanced CUE (Cadillac User Experience) system via its projection icon.

"What we want is the best aspects of connectivity to be able to be used by the driver with the phone put away," David Caldwell, Cadillac's product communications manager, tells Tech Times. "We know that connectivity is primary for consumers, so how can we channel that capability, information, entertainment, so the driver is operating the car, rather than the phone? We wanted to at least give consumers the choice to have a system that they're familiar with from their device. We know that these are the most prevalent, popular, dominant systems that people are already using. This is about the consumer and the consumer desires."

Mission accomplished.

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