Smart home device maker Nest could be gearing up for a replacement for the Dropcam security camera, dubbed Nest Cam, in time for its press event next week.

An FCC filing suggests that Nest has a Bluetooth-enabled camera in the works. It could possibly debut at its press event slated for June 17.

The FCC listing was posted on May 28 under ID ZQANC11 and mentions clearly that Nest has a wireless camera in the pipeline. The camera appears to be an IP one and will likely work with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, the Bluetooth support could also be for the setup connectivity.

Publication Droid Life has also managed to get its hands on images of the Nest Cam. The leaked pictures show that the Nest Cam is basically a more svelte and thinner variant of the Dropcam Pro.

The publication reveals that Nest has been testing the Nest Cam for several months now and the home security camera will tout 1080p video streaming. Moreover, the setup process will also be simpler with pairing done via Bluetooth. While not many details are available at this point, it is believed that the Nest Cam will be similar to the current Dropcam Pro. The device will ship with Bluetooth LE 4.0 support as well as a wall mount.

According to reports, along with Next Cam, the Nest app will also get an overhaul and a new UI will enable users to control the company's products thanks to the redesigned software. Users will also be able to see live feeds from their Nest Cam (or older Dropcams) and check their status. The new software lets users check not only the security of a room but also its temperature.

If the rumors are true, then the Nest Cam will be the first security cam the company will sell after its acquisition of Dropcam last June. With June 17 only a few days away, we will soon know what surprises Nest has in store for us.

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