And Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News strikes again.

Piggy-backing on NBA Finals coverage last week in Oakland, Jimmy Kimmel Live: Game Night's Lie Witness News reporter convinced one man to believe LeBron James actually changed his name to Michael Jordan. This week in Cleveland, Lie Witness News had another man believing that Kevin James is LeBron James' cousin and that the actor would be joining his family member as a player on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"What was your reaction to the Cavs signing LeBron's cousin, Kevin James?" the Lie Witness News reporter asked.

Cavaliers' fan: "My reaction towards that was, 'Well, he's a family member. Hopefully he could be as good as or maybe equal to LeBron. LeBron will work with him."

And the hilarity ensues! This Cavs' fan either A) has no idea who Kevin James is, B) lied that he did just to make the news or C) knows Kevin James and about Lie Witness News and just went along with it for fun. Whatever the case, the mere thought of the King of Queens and King James playing basketball together makes us laugh.

We don't know what's worse — last week's Golden State Warriors' edition of Lie Witness News, where a Warriors' fan lent credence to King James changing his name to Michael Jordan, or this Kevin James/LeBron James' family tree.

Kimmel's Game Night special will have another installment 30 minutes before the tip-off to Tuesday night's Game 6 of the 2015 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Lie Witness News will be hard-pressed to come up with news briefs this funny.

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