Square Enix announced the latest installment of the Hitman games at Sony's E3 2015 news conference on Monday.

Titled simply Hitman, the player takes on the role as Agent 47, the deadly killer at the prime of his career, who is on the mission to assassinate high profile targets. Agent 47 will travel around the world, taking Diana Burnwood and the ICA along for the action-packed ride.

The game focuses on using various tools to take on diverse targets in exotic locations, and will be packed with "an extreme level of detail on the largest levels we have ever built for a Hitman game."

Customers who preorder the game will have a PS4 exclusive beta, and will receive six exclusive contracts within the first year of the official release. Hitman does not have release date yet.

While the trailer doesn't reveal much on the gameplay, its cinematic approach is nothing short of entertaining. A mixture of beauty and blood, check out the trailer for Hitman below.

Photo: Square Enix | YouTube

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