E3 2015: 'Final Fantasy VII' HD Remake Revealed - And It's Not Alone


Final Fantasy VII is, to some, the greatest game ever made. It was one of the original PlayStation's best-selling games, and helped introduce Japanese RPGs to a new generation of gamers. Not only that, but it was a fantastic game that told a story of redemption, global disaster and giant swords.

And now - after years of empty teases and rampant speculation - it's coming to the PlayStation 4.

That's right: years after the horrible bait-and-switch that was the PlayStation 3 technical demo, Final Fantasy VII is being remade, in its entirety, and will be released first on PlayStation 4.

But, as they say, that's not all: Final Fantasy VII isn't the only game in the franchise that's on the way, as an entirely new entry is also on its way in the form of World of Final Fantasy. If you're worried about series fatigue, don't be: the two games are about as different from one another as you can get.

First up, the big one: Final Fantasy VII is being remade. Yes, it's hard to believe - but it's actually happening.

Details are still scarce, as the only thing shown at the press conference was a short trailer. That being said, if the trailer's visuals are anything like the final game's, the Final Fantasy VII remake could be one of the system's prettiest games yet.

For the full trailer, check out the video below:

World of Final Fantasy is an entirely new game, though it's on a much smaller scale. No, literally - the characters and monsters of World of Final Fantasy are micro-sized, and it looks like the ability to change sizes will play a big part during the game.

Sadly, not much is known about the story at this point: the trailer is extremely brief, and only mentions a pair of twins on an epic adventure - there's just not much to go on. That being said, it looks like World of Final Fantasy will be ripe for cameos: both a Dragoon and Cloud himself make an appearance during the trailer (which you can watch below).

Sure, there wasn't anything related to Final Fantasy XV at the show...but when Square decides to remake one of the greatest games ever made, it's kind of hard to complain!

World of Final Fantasy is due out sometime in 2016, though the Final Fantasy VII remake doesn't have a release date quite yet.

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