You may have reasons for not wanting to believe it, but flying reptiles were real 163 million years ago, according to a report from scientists. These creatures were deadly but not as fearsome as you might believe. Furthermore, nothing with wings had the ability to match them at the time.

The findings have so far raised controversy, but even critics came out in support of it. Apparently, the new findings could shed light on how these magnificent beasts became the great kings of the skies.

The newly found species is the earliest known representative of the pterosaurs, a creature with wings that are often called Dinosaurs, though, in reality, they are not.

"Kryptodrakon is the second pterosaur species we've discovered in the Shishugou Formation and deepens our understanding of this unusually diverse Jurassic ecosystem," Andres' collaborator, Dr. James Clark, a biology professor at George Washington University, said in the statement.

Because the creature was found in China, and in the area where the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was filmed, scientists have chosen to name the creature, Kryptodrakon progenitor, meaning "ancestral hidden serpent."

Bear in mind though, while later versions of the Kryptodrakon progenitor were huge and fearsome, this particular species was small. The wingspan of this creature is 4.5 feet, while future versions of the predator have wingspans of up to 30 feet, which is as large as a small plane.

The creature is definitely a pterodactyloid because it uses its wings to assist in walking. Researchers were unable to determine what this creature eats for dinner, due to the fact that they were unable to locate a scull or teeth fragments.

"It's long been thought that a lot of pterosaur evolution occurred in inland settings, but actual evidence for this has been lacking until the last few years," said Mark Witton, author of the 2013 book Pterosaurs. "It's nice to not only see these predictions being met, but also pleasing that we're now actually able to observe how this important group of flying reptiles took shape."

These findings are quite interesting, and it goes to show that evolution might actually be a real thing that is constantly happening. It is quite sad that these majestic creatures are no longer around to experience the new world.

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