Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136: What's New?


Microsoft just released a new Windows 10 Mobile build, refining Cortana and the Photos app while also adding some minor design changes.

The new Windows 10 Mobile build 10136 is available now for Windows Insider fast ring users, but only if they run Windows Phone 8.1. This means that those running the previous 10080 ring build will have to revert to Windows 8.1 via the Windows Phone Recovery Tool before installing build 10136.

The latest Windows 10 Mobile build for Windows Insider fast ringers brings some design enhancements, as well as refinements to the Cortana digital assistant and the Photos app.

Important Warning

When installing the new build, the Lock Screen will appear frozen at the end of the upgrade and it will stay like this for up to 10 minutes, not showing the date and time, Microsoft warns. Users must be patient and just wait until the date and time eventually appear and they can unlock their phone. Otherwise, users could brick their device.

Cortana Improvements

The most notable changes of this new preview build are related to Cortana, which is now "very close" to its final design. Microsoft made several interface adjustments to make the digital assistant more "cohesive" with the rest of the operating system, and also added some new abilities.

Cortana can now track flights and packages, so when users receive emails with specific details regarding a flight or a package Cortana will take the information into account and alert users. Build 10136 also re-enables other features such as receiving answers for questions, currency or weather information, or stock quotes and more, directly inline.

Photos App Improvements

Microsoft added some "performance and reliability improvements" to the Photos app, while also refining the way users can access their previous photos in a fast and efficient manner. According to the company, tapping on a month will now display a list of months so users can easily find photos they took in the past. Users can now also double-tap on a photo to zoom in. Lastly, those running the new build 10136 on a Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, or Lumia 1520 can make the Lumia Camera Beta their default camera app.

"The Lumia Camera Beta is the same app as the new Windows 10 Camera app but with additional features that light up based on Lumia hardware," Microsoft notes.

Phablet Refinements for One-Handed Use

Microsoft also added a few refinements to improve one-handed use on devices with 5-inch or larger displays. For instance, phablet users can now press and hold the Start button to slide down the screen, which will allow them to easily reach items at the top of the screen.

UX Improvements

The latest build also brings a number of subtle changes to the user experience, aiming to make this build feel "more complete" than the previous one. The team is still working on more refinements, but they will appear in the next build.

For more information regarding the new Windows 10 Mobile preview build for Windows Insider fast ring users, check out Microsoft's announcement.

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