While many gamers and video industry types spent the last few days of E3 drooling over the latest console video games, the PC gaming industry quietly held its first PC Gaming Show, showcasing the latest in PC games and hardware.

Although the PC Gaming Show wasn't quite as excited as the conferences held by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, it still featured some interesting interviews, trailers and demos throughout its two-and-a-half hours.

The first announcement at the PC Gaming show came from Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer, who told the audience that Killer Instinct won't just be available for the Xbox One, but also for the PC. He also talked up Windows 10, which is a free upgrade, and how gamer-friendly the new OS is. However, there is no official release date yet for Killer Instinct on the PC.

"There have been times in our past where Microsoft maybe has lost our way with PC gaming," said Spencer at the PC Gaming Show.

Another game making it from console to PC is Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. This version of the game is a remake of the 2007 PC version of the game, but now supports 4K and DirectX 12 and is compatible with Windows 10.

Game development company Bohemia also spoke about DayZ and promised that a "full feature beta" of the game featuring single player mode would become available later this year. They also promised that this version will include modding with Steam Workshop and allow gamers to host their own servers for the game. Bohemia also showed off a new expansion for Arma III.

AMD took to the stage to show off their new graphics cards, something the company previously announced at their own event prior to the PC Gaming Show. They also showed off their pre-built gaming PC, Project Quantum, which they also announced earlier.

Guild Wars fans got their first good look at the "Heart of Thorns" expansion for the popular MMO, including a peek at the Guild Halls feature being added that lets players design and decorate their own halls.

Of course, you can't talk PC Gaming without featuring Blizzard Entertainment, who was on hand to show off its expansions for Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

The big announcement, though, came at the end of the PC Gaming Show, when Hello Games announced that No Man's Sky, previously announced for the PlayStation 4, would arrive on PC the same day (although no one knows when that day is yet).

Other games featured in the presentation included Star Citizen 2, Total War: Warhammer, Fable Legends, Gigantic, American Truck Simulator, EVE: Valkyrie, Ion, Strafe, Pillars of Eternity: White March, Hitman, STRAFE, Beyond Eyes, Dirty Bomb, Tacoma, SOMA, Take On Mars, Project BlueStreak and Enter The Gungeon.

New PC titles announced included Rising Storm 2 and Planet Coaster: Simulation Evolved.

Photo Credit: AMD

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