E3 2015 showcased what fans should expect from Microsoft's HoloLens, and we can't wait to test it out with Minecraft. But apart from the Mojang game, what other titles could work wonders with HoloLens at the helm? Let's find out.

There should be no doubt that the HoloLens demo running Minecraft was impressive. There's even a Halo 5: Guardians demo as well, but that one was shown behind closed doors. IGN reported that it was fantastic, but far from prime time.

With only two known games so far have been shown with HoloLens support, we have come up with a list of titles that could work wonders should the developers ever choose to support Microsoft's possible next big thing.

Total War games:

These games are some of the best PC gaming have to offer in terms of strategy. Like Minecraft, the player is given a single world or map to conquer and defend. Not much in terms of creativity will be found here, but strategizing is everything.

Being able to get the whole playable area on a table and strategize your next move could give an advantage, especially in multiplayer matches.

Age of Empires:

Another title similar to Total War. Unfortunately, Microsoft has failed to create another proper title in the franchise. The latest is designed for mobile phones ant tablets, and it is filled with micro-transactions. We'd like to see Microsoft go back to its roots and give fans a proper game.

Card Games:

HoloLens is perfect for games like Magic the Gathering, Yugi-Oh and many more. No need to have cards in hand or using a controller. Just set up the game on a table and use gestures to get everything done. We could see this working correctly for local multiplayer and online with another person miles away.

What about first-person shooters?

Many folks are looking forward to seeing HoloLens take the gaming space by storm, but in our eyes, that won't happen. The technology is limited and will likely not give off a high immersive feeling similar to virtual reality headsets.

We view HoloLens as a better means of entertainment since the technology does not take the user out of the real world. We as a society have become introverted by so-called social networks that do not give users the means to experience real socialism in mobile and tablet screens. Virtual reality will take this a step further, and that might not be a good thing.

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