How many times must The Simpsons successfully predict the future before we realize that they just get it and understand the world better than anyone else?

In a way, the iconic animated family actually predicted the current St. Louis Cardinals hacking the Houston Astros scandal. In an October 1999 episode, entitled "Brother's Little Helper," The Simpsons seemed to look into the future and call the Cardinals hacking scandal dead-on.

In the episode, the family feels like they're being watched — only to have it confirmed that someone's keeping an eye on them: Major League Baseball. The kicker is Mark McGwire – then a star for the Cardinals – appearing and saying the line: "Young Bart here was right. We are spying on you pretty much around the clock."

Kind of like the Cardinals did with the Astros — hacking into their database to gain player and organizational intel. The Cardinals are currently being investigated by the FBI.

A confused Bart asks, "But why, Mr. McGwire?" The home run hitter responds: "Do you want to know the terrifying truth — or do you want to watch me sock a few dingers?"

Seemingly everyone in Springfield answers, "dingers," before Big Mac knocks a few long balls out of sight.

Ahh... The... Simpsons — definitely more clarvoiyant than most families you can think of. It's clever sequences like this that show why the series still ranks today as one of television's best.

Watch the exchange between Bart and McGwire here and prepare to be as amazed as we were.  


Tech Times spoke to a cyber security expert who said the Astros could have prevented being hacked into by the Cardinals.

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