Fair is fair and in most divorce settlements, the agreement is each party is entitled to 50/50 of everything the couple bought or earned during their years of marriage.

One man in Germany got creative and is selling literally half of his share on eBay after sending his ex-wife the other half. Bidders can choose from items sawed in half, ranging from electronics, furniture and even entertainment items such as a DVD.

The unnamed man with user name Der Juli also posted a YouTube video titled 'For Laura' - showing him in action while sawing items they used to own in two. The video caption says it all: 'Thank you for 12 'beautiful' years Laura!!!!! You've really earned half.'

For the many items available on his eBay account, he mostly highlighted his use of power tools to cut them in half, including their car, their iPhone, some chairs and, most painful to watch, their large-screen TV. After all is said and done, the clip ends with a sarcastic sign-off stating: 'Greetings to my successor'.

The YouTube clip more than 1.1 million views to date. Interestingly, people have taken interest in the sawed-in-half items he's selling online. Prices start at 1 Euro and so far the items with the highest and most interest in bids are the iPhone and MacBook with charger. Other items that didn't escape the disgruntled man's wrath are DVDs, an LP record and even a cute little teddy. 

Whether this is a stunt or just this man's way of dealing with the situation, his creative take on division of property has gone viral and people's comments range from a salute to a curiosity of the martial details to appreciation for the items as pieces of art. 

Items will not be available for shipping in the U.S. but Der Juli will accept cash payment upon delivery as long as you're within the neighborhood.

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