It's a wild world out there when it comes to showing off the next best gadget. 

Many humans have already voiced their favorable and not-so-favorable views on the new Apple Watch, but what do our friends from the animal world have to say about this next step in wearable technology?

Mashable got together with some very knowledgeable animal Apple Watch from the San Diego Zoo to figure out the answer to that question.

Here are the adorable reactions straight from the zoo animals themselves:

"It's a natural fit," a bunch of baby alligators said as they hung out around the high-tech device. By the way, if a group of alligators is called a congregation, then what would a group of baby alligators reviewing an Apple Watch be called?

"I'd rather eat worms," declared a baby armadillo, munching on his snack, which looked much more appetizing than a cold, hard Apple Watch. 

"Cool if you have wrists," quoth the raven, nevermore. (Putting in some Edgar Allan Poe there for you.)

"So over it," the otter declared, but was quick to add, "But I like the games."

Clearly, these zoo animals were not as impressed with the Apple Watch as some go-get-it-now humans are, or even this shamelessly spoiled dog living in China, living the thug life, with his very own Apple Watch Editions in 18-karat gold strapped around both his wrists.

Because if you're a dog and your owner is the son of China's wealthiest man, it's not your fault that your "owner is an ass****" who can show off that your paws are worth more than "the average 2012 income of 10 Chinese families."

The more-than-honest zoo animal reviewers are much happier to spread the word about the San Diego Zoo's various animal conservation projects to help "remove more than 43 species from endangerment" than they are to review vanity devices.

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