Gesture control technology has had its starts and stops, particularly when it comes to remote controls for TVs but a new device based on that tech is claiming it'll have you controlling all of your gadgets with a mere wave of your hand.

From Nod Labs comes, what else, but Nod, a Bluetooth-enabled gesture control ring that lets you communicate with your various devices without needing to actually touch them. So, what we have here is a wearable device that lets you control your non-wearable devices.

Essentially what Nod Labs is unveiling is a universal controller for every gadget in your life that easily slips on and off your finger. The ring connects via Bluetooth 4.0 LE and, on all supported devices, allows you move the cursor all around the screen by moving your hand in the desired direction.

The company explains the device is designed to ignore average gestures and supports a specific set of gestures such as swiping and rotation to get the cursor to move. The ring's developers claim the device has 32,000 dpi accuracy for movement, so gamers take note.

The device is programmed to work with a number of gadgets including smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, home appliances and the like and Nod Labs is busy making sure the list of compatible devices is growing.

Additional particulars include waterproof up to 5ATM, with IP68 dust and water protection and once Nod is charged it lasts approximately 24 hours.

TV manufacturers, like Samsung, LG and Panasonic have all introduced TV displays with voice and facial recognition technology in the last few years that have all gotten a lukewarm response from both tech experts and consumers. It will be interesting to see the response to Nod as gesture control technology continues to advance and the comfort level of using it rises.

Nod is available for pre-sale ( beginning today for $149 with orders expecting to ship in the fall. The ring comes in four different sizes, with three additional sizing inserts for each. 

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