What will the Apple iWatch look like? When will it finally arrive? Will it blow the competition out of the water? These are all questions that iFanatics ask themselves every day. Now, a group of German iWatch obsessives have put together a beautiful concept design for the iWatch.

Apfel Page's artful renderings of what they hope the iWatch to be are simply gorgeous. For the most part, the physical design of the iWatch shown in the conceptual images matches that of Motorola's Moto 360. This concept design envisions an iWatch with a round, display, surrounded by and encased in Apple's trademark aluminum. The wristband is basic black with a subtle Apple logo and nothing else.

Along the sides of this iWatch are the same volume up and down buttons that you'll find on the iPhone 5S, a headphone jack and what looks like a small speaker. Although most of the concept designs for an iWatch show a curved rectangle encasing your wrist like a bangle bracelet or the standard square display mounted on a wristband, this gorgeous concept seems much more in line with Apple's design aesthetic. It's simple, elegant and attractive.

Most smartwatches are the antithesis of beautiful. In fact, the only smartwatch that is even remotely attractive is the Moto 360, so it makes perfect sense for Apple's iWatch to follow the same design language and go round. Curves are attractive; large boxy things just aren't - especially when you wear them on your wrist. Most smartwatches look as ridiculous as cell phones did in the 1980's.

Apple isn't going to make something that no one would be caught dead wearing. Apple is all about beauty and craftsmanship. So far, this iWatch design looks like everything we'd expect from Apple.

In addition to the great design, Apfel Page decided to give its concept design the works in terms of specs. They've equipped their dream iWatch with Touch ID, Healthbook, calling capabilities, Siri, a compass, the weather and more. In short, this concept design is everything iFanatics are hoping for.

Now, just one question remains: When will Apple release the iWatch?

Knowing Apple's penchant for releasing only the most beautiful and polished devices, I'd say Apple will release the iWatch only when it is sure that it not only works great, but also looks better than every other smartwatch out there.

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