A new screenshot of what is being reported as the iPhone 6's home screen has leaked and it shows a larger display and an app called "Watch Utility" believed to be used with the iWatch.

Apple announced that it will be holding its annual WWDC 2014 event in early June. The company is expected to unveil new versions of its Mac OS X OS and iOS 8. As we get closer to the event we can expect to see more and more leaks of what Apple has in store for Macs, iPhones, and iPads when it releases both operating systems in the fall.

A new image has popped up on the Chinese forum Weibo (registration required to use the site), which claims to be the first screenshot of iOS 8 running on the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is expected to ship with a larger 4.7- and 5.5-inch display and just as the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen displayed more icons than previous iPhones with 3.5-inch displays, the new image clearly shows a device with a 5-by-7 row layout.

There are also some other interesting findings that can be seen in the image for the first time. In the dock there's a new app called 'Watch Utility,' which is believed to used with Apple's rumored iWatch. The image also backs up a previous report that claimed Apple plans on giving iTunes Radio its own application with the release of iOS 8 to try to increase its usage by removing it from the Music application.

Healthbook is also present in the new image and is believed to play a significant part in iOS 8's rumored focus on fitness and health. Healthbook will apparently tap into the M7 motion processor found in the iPhone 5s and expected M8 motion processor in the iPhone 6 to keep track of steps walked, calories burned, and other health-related information the iWatch is rumored to monitor. CarPlay also appears to be getting its own dedicated app in iOS 8 if these images are, in fact, real.

As always, it's best to take these kinds of reports with a huge grain of salt since there's no way to prove the legitimacy of the images. We'll be sure to keep you posted with all things iOS 8 and iPhone 6 as more details become available.

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