Google has opened a casting call for content creators who are interested in working with virtual reality (VR) and the Jump VR platform this summer.

The Jump VR platform was developed through a partnership forged between Google and action camera maker GoPro. Google announced the platform and the partnership in May during its annual developers conference; and now, after pushing developers to develop, it's asking content creators to make VR content.

To get a shot at using the Jump VR rig to join the pioneers in VR content creation, Google wants to know the following before prospective Jump VR interns can progress to the next phase of the hiring process:

◦ Why you want to test a Jump camera

◦ Where the samples of your previous work are located

◦ Your background in virtual reality

◦ Whether you're a filmmaker, director, producer, journalist artist or something else

◦ Whether or not it's cool to email you

One of the most important areas of the form may be the essay box titled "Why do you want to test a Jump camera?"

"Tell us about what you have in mind," reads the box's subtitle. "Not required, but awesome answers might put you at the top of the list."

On the hardware side, Jump VR consists of an array of cameras, 16 to be exact, mounted to a carousel that positions them to capture 360 degrees of video. And along with capturing 360 video, the camera rig captures content in stereoscopic 3D to add depth of field to the experience.

"What's critical is the actual geometry, and we spent a lot of time optimizing everything," said Clay Bavor, vice president of product at Google. "The size of the rig, the number and placement of the cameras, their field of view, relative overlap - every last detail."

On the software side, Jump is headed to Google's YouTube. YouTube has already tested and rolled out 3D video.

The Jump VR platform was the puzzle piece that helped make sense of Google's VR aspirations and its intentions for its Cardboard VR platform.

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