Microsoft Releases Update For Surface 3 And Surface Pro 3


Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 users can now download the newly released firmware update for their devices through Windows update.

Microsoft noted on the update history pages of the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 that since updates are cumulative, users will also get all of the previously released updates once they install the latest update into their devices.

The company added that "only updates that apply to Surface will be downloaded and installed."

The update for the Surface 3 is deemed the first big update that has been released so far which explains the bulk of the rollout as compared to the few tweaks that was released to the Pro 3. According to Microsoft, the updates will be listed as "System Firmware Update," which Surface 3 users would be able to see upon viewing the update history.

There are at least six items listed in the update history page of the Surface 3. The first among these is the Surface System Aggregator Firmware update v1.0.49500.00, which promises to enhance the experience with the Surface Cover.

Other firmware updates include the Audio Device Driver for an enhanced audio performance and audio experience, Pen Settings driver that adds a new Surface app functionality, Camera driver for better video and image quality, HD Graphics driver to address issues on graphics performance and display stability, and Bluetooth driver and Wireless Network Controller, which brings a slew of improvements such as system stability, Wi-Fi connectivity, and download performance over the network.

Surface Pro 3 has been getting regular updates since June 2014. This year, Microsoft has released at least five updates for the Pro 3, the latest being in conjunction with the update released for its non-Pro version.

Perhaps the most notable among these updates is the one labeled Surface Pro UEFI update v3.11.950.0, which will add support that will make the Pro 3 upgradable to Windows 10. According to Microsoft, 99 percent of the features that are included in the new OS will certainly be made available to the Surface Pro 3 as it is one of the devices that will benefit from the upcoming OS.

The Pro 3 is also getting the SATA AHCI Controller driver update and the same update on the Bluetooth driver and the Wireless Network Controller that is being rolled out to its non-Pro sibling. These updates promise to bring notable improvements on the system stability, Wi-Fi connectivity, download performance over the network and deployment methodology.

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