Bethesda's mobile spin-off of its highly-regarded Fallout franchise became the most downloaded game in 48 countries and reached the top spot on Apple's App Store, just weeks after launch. Beyond the game's category, Fallout Shelter was the most downloaded app in 25 countries.

Known for immersive role playing games for consoles and PC, Fallout Shelter is Bethesda's first venture into the mobile gaming market. Its early success may indicate that core gamers are still open to mobile games that aren't blatant cash grabs, according to Todd Howard, game director at Bethesda Game Studios.

"We play games on our phones all the time, and have always wanted to make one," said Howard. "To have our first mobile game be enjoyed by so many is stunning. It just shows that gamers appreciate more depth and being treated fairly. It also shows people love Fallout as much as we do."

Fallout Shelter launched on iOS ahead of E3 earlier this month and will be available on Android some day.

"Our current priority is getting it out for Android," said Howard in an interview with the Washington Post.

During its first week out, the game was played about 70 million times by people around the world.

On the back drop of the Franchise's post apocalyptic universe, Fallout Shelter, the name itself a play on words, is a strategy game that tasks players with managing a vault or a fallout shelter in the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

Vault managers build rooms, lead other vault dwellers, encourage the creation of new vault dwellers, protect existing vault dwellers from themselves and explore the wasteland outside.

Elsewhere in the world of Fallout, Bethesda recently announced that the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4 has sold out once again.

"Our North American quantities for the Pip-Boy Edition are sold out. We are still working out details on final inventory for European territories and expect to have information early next week. As we receive new information, we'll update in real-time on our Twitter account, @bethblog."

Those who missed out on the latest opportunity to preorder the Pip-Boy Edition of the game can keep watch of the following outlets: Amazon, at Best Buy and at GameStop. It's unlikely Bethesda is done resupplying its retail channels with Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition.

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