There are countless drinking apps out there, which range from letting you send someone a drink to helping you find the best recipes for making signature cocktails at home.

But if you want to stay on top of what's trending in the drinking world, then BARTRENDr is the app for you.

BARTRENDr is a free-to-download private and social network that gives drinkers insights into the bar scene and what people are currently drinking, while connecting them with old and new drinking buddies.

"We go [to bars] to chat, to meet other people, watch the game, flirt, try to hook up. Or you've had a bad day and are looking for a pick-me-up — or to meet up with your actual friends or colleagues and converse," BARTRENDr CEO Devon Bergman told Tech Times.

"What BARTRENDr does is it creates a virtual bar. [Anyone] can be in a physical bar anywhere in the country, or be in the comfort of their own living room, cracking open a beer. Or, pouring a scotch after work, [they can] log in and chat with someone else. It's like bringing the bar experience to wherever you are."

Users can tell their virtual bar buddies what they are drinking – whether it's a beer or a specific cocktail – and share photos from their night out. They can convey the vibe of the bar they're at, illustrating whether it's crowded with hipsters or cougars, and whether the bar has cheap pitchers or a large craft beer selection.

According to its data, most of the drinking app's users are millennials, in their early to late 20s. BARTENDr also has a loyal following of fans in their 40s. This may be because the app makes singles (who may not be regulars in the bar scene) feel comfortable both sharing what they're drinking and connecting with others — without the pressure they might feel on mobile dating apps.

BARTRENDr connects people around the world who are drinking, allowing them to use their adult beverages of choice as an icebreaker for conversation. This enhances the drinking experience for even those who are sipping at home.

"It's not like Tinder, where you are swiping left and right," Bergman said. "Basically, we give everyone the basic starting conversation: 'I am drinking blank.'"

Types of alcohol that are popular among users vary, but of course they include beers like Bud, Bud Light, Stella and craft beers, in addition to the popular top shelf liquors.

"One of my favorite things in the app is watching someone who drinks craft beer when they go out, and then seeing what they drink at home," Bergman said, adding that they often wind up telling other users that they drink Coors Light at home.

Bergman also revealed that users log into the app throughout the week, with more conversations happening then, and more single posts happening on the weekend.

These insights provide key behavioral data for beverage brands. The data can show real-time alcohol trends, such as the hottest cocktail to pop up in Atlanta and make its way to Miami, or that Latino men prefer a particular type of alcohol over another.

"I use Fireball, for example," Bergman said. "We see these trends happen before any type of Nielsen data, or this type of data that all these beverage companies are spending tons of money on... but by the time they get the data, it's already been a year outdated, or you're buying data back from distributors."

Not only can alcohol brands benefit from the data, but BARTRENDr also provides a great advertising opportunity for them. The top 10 alcohol companies spend $25 billion a year on marketing, with about $5 billion dedicated to social media.

"BARTRENDr has a loyal consumer base that is actually out consuming – they have (or are going to have) something in their hand soon to drink – so it's an amazing opportunity to connect to users in real-time," Bergman said.

BARTRENDr just announced that along with providing trending data to beverage companies in quarterly reports, it will also provide this information to its users.

Citing that Facebook Timehop makes it fun for users to look back, the app will present a snapshot of a user's drinking history. Users will see what they were drinking this time a year ago, giving them an idea of how their personal tastes have changed or remained the same.

The app's first look-back feature will roll out by January 2016.

BARTRENDr has about 800,000 users across the U.S., and will test in international markets late summer. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

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