Zen Studios is welcoming a tiny superhero that packs a big punch into its pinball family. The game is based on the upcoming Ant-Man film by Marvel, which will be showing in theaters on July 17.

Even better news for pinball and Ant-Man fans is that they won't have to wait that long to test out the game. Zen Studios will be releasing Ant-Man for the popular Zen Pinball 2 game in different platforms by mid-July. Players can look forward to assuming the role of master thief turned superhero Scott Lang as he battles villains both big and small in epic fashion.

Players can experience becoming the shrunken Scott Lang as he faces challenges in battling Yellowjacket using multiball; going through and overcoming mini-game battles; and surviving shrinking pinballs. Most exciting of all, gamers can take a more active role in the side stories, like helping Hope Van Dyne train this beloved superhero.

Zen Studios has been working closely with Marvel to ensure that the new pinball table mirrors the true nature of Ant-Man and allow fans to experience interesting and engaging challenges. This gives the phrase "great things come in small packages" a whole new meaning.

"We're doing things with the Marvel's Ant-Man table that will be completely new to both our game and the pinball genre as a whole," said a Zen Studio representative.

Zen Studios, a leader in digital pinball development is the perfect partner for Marvel as they both have the creative outlook to come up with customized tables for long-time pinball fans. Their creative endeavors help keep the legacy of pinball games alive for the next generation. Other pinball games Zen Studios has franchised include The Walking Dead, Star Wars and South Park.

Ant-Man Zen Pinball 2 will be released for PSN, Steam Mac, iOS, Amazon, Android, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on July 14. For those interested in cross-buy versions, PlayStation users will need to get the PS3 or Vita versions for import to PS4. For Xbox users, gamers need the 360 version to import into the Xbox One.

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