Every yearly EA Sports' Madden NFL title has football players and gamers alike talking about the players' ratings. After all, converting skills into a rating is basically code for how strong a player is during gameplay. 

Well, let's just say Madden ratings figure will change in the future. Big time. That's because Donny Moore, the Madden Ratings Czar responsible for giving NFL players numerical ratings in the hit video game series, announced via Twitter on Thursday that he's leaving his 16-year EA Sports post.

The announcement means that Madden NFL 16, which is slated for an August 25 release on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, will be the final title to feature Moore's player ratings.

Moore attached ratings to roughly all of the NFL's 2,600 players at his EA Sports gig, breaking down their skills into categories such as speed, strength, jumping and even elusiveness.

Great job all these years!

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