Apple Didn't Know It But A Broke Rapper Recorded His Entire Album Inside An Apple Store


So, let's say you're an aspiring rapper. You've got this really great idea for an album, an album that you feel simply has to be made, an album that the world is waiting for. You just KNOW that.

But then your computer crashes. And you are broke. You realize there's no way that you can get yourself a new one anytime soon, let alone rent a recording studio. No cash for any of that. No cash at all. Yet the artist's voice wants to be heard so badly. What to do? Well the obvious. of course. You go where the best state-of-the-art equipment is: an Apple store!

This is exactly what one broke but determined rapper did. Inventive and crafty artist Prince Harvey went to work on his precious album in a New York City Apple store after his computer gave up on him, singing, rapping, humming and tapping into display computers at the SoHo Apple store five days a week over the course of four months until he had his masterpiece all perfect and ready.

You can't help but admire this artist's drive and determination. For the most part, Apple wasn't aware of what was going on, but Prince Harvey did have the help of two not-to-be-named Apple store employees. 

"It wasn't my plan to record this at the Apple store. First, my computer died. Then my external [hard drive] died, New York is expensive. I couldn't just buy another laptop. I just thought, 'I'm going to die before anyone knows I'm hot,'" says Harvey.

So he made sure his voice wasn't lost to the world, hiding his work in progress in the trash folders of display computers while rapping away as inconspicuously as possible.

Luckily, his album PHATASS lived to see the day. We would hate not being able to check out how a piece of art made stealthily and for free in an Apple store sounds like. The story of its creation alone will make listening to it worthwhile. PHATASS is set to be released on July 26.

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