Apple Music is apparently driving more users to adopt the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 8.4.

Adoption rates for new OS iterations are typically lower at first, when the new version rolls out, but iOS 8.4 is apparently off to a strong start.

According to new data from Mixpanel, Apple's latest iOS 8.4 usage greatly increased in just one week, making up more than 40 percent of all iOS device usage. This marks an impressive adoption rate considering that it's so soon after its release, and Apple Music seems to be driving this success.

One of the greatest highlights of iOS 8.4 is Apple Music, the company's new music service that offers curated playlists, its own live radio, relevant recommendations and more. The hype surrounding Apple Music, combined with extensive advertisement for the service, is boosting iOS adoption rates. This, in turn, hints at the success of Apple Music.

The 40 percent milestone would likely be even greater were it not for the iOS 9 betas, as many iOS users are already eager to try out the next version of the OS pre-release rather than sticking to the latest version that saw a public release.

Nevertheless, iOS 8.4 is enjoying great adoption rates and Apple Music seems to be the main reason behind users' decision to upgrade to the latest OS. At the same time, it's worth pointing out that Apple made significant efforts to reduce the storage requirements for iOS updates, which means that more users can now install the latest version.

With previous iterations that required more available space, many users skipped the update over storage limitations. Apple's move to reduce the storage requirements for new updates will likely play a big role in boosting adoption rates as well, and the next version of the OS could be even more popular.

The current iOS 8.4 has barely been out and about, but the next iOS 9 is highly anticipated already, especially considering that it will bring back the popular music Home Sharing feature for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Apple disabled the feature for iOS devices when it rolled out iOS 8.4, but recently confirmed that it will restore music Home Sharing in iOS 9.

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