The San Diego Comic Con is here once again and Capcom has chosen the perfect avenue to offer wearable Mega Man helmets that light up.

There are a number of items that fans can get at the Capcom booth during SDCC but none have been demanded in the same way than the wearable Mega Man helmet. There have been earlier attempts at making the helmet but no official merchandise have been released until now.

According to Capcom, the helmet will be made of high-quality ABS plastic with a high-gloss finish. Details and proportions are authentic and the helmet features working LED lights. It will also be fitted with a unique clamshell hinge to easily separate the front and back parts of the helmet for ease of use and soft padded interiors for a comfortable fit.

"This is a high quality replica of the Blue Bomber's helmet," adds Capcom.

As the helmet perfectly works, it makes for a great cosplay accessory, most especially for those who have already bought the full-sized Mega Man Buster last year from Think Geek. When not in use though, the helmet is great as a display for any home or office, shipped in a decorated box specifically for that purpose.

The Mega Man helmet, however, will not available during SDCC, with only a display shown in the Capcom booth. Those interested in getting their hands on the item must be mindful of Capcom's online store as pre-orders will only be accepted for a limited time. No word yet as well on how much the helmet will be made available for.

For those who want to get their hands as well on red, pink, green and grey versions of the helmet, Capcom is also releasing a 5-pack mini helmet set from the original games in 1/64 scale. Mega Man was mostly known as the Mega Buster/Blue Bomber but he was also called the Bubble Lead (Grey), Rush (Red), Quick Boomerang (Pink) and Leaf Shield (Green) from the games.

Other items available at the SDCC Capcom booth include a high-end statue of Ryu in his classic pose, with an LED-lit Hadoken fireball being released. Both Evil Ryu and the traditional white version will be available. Aside from these, Capcom fans can also expect a Mad Catz Street Fighter Fight Stick for PlayStation 3 and 4 and Monster Hunter merchandise, including adult onesies, Felyne and Melynx plush hats, a giant Melynx plush pillow and a meat pillow.

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