For the past several years, there has been talk that San Diego Comic Con has gotten too large, too mainstream. Where it once was about comics, now movie, television and video game announcements often make for the biggest headlines coming out of the show. Because the convention is so big, advertisers and corporations have finally started to take notice of the ever growing nerd population, and use the convention as a means promote their brand and products.

If you needed definitive proof that Comic Con has changed, look no further than this SDCC-exclusive Colonel Sanders comic titled KFC Presents: The Colonel's Adventure Comic.

Yes, Colonel Sanders, the man responsible for the creation of Kentucky Fried Chicken, is getting his own comic. One presumes the comic is about the "exciting" life of the Colonel, as the cover depicts what looks to be Sanders growing up. Note how the child in the upper right is wearing the exact same outfit as the older Colonel Sanders. The iconic Colonel Sanders we all know and love is front and center riding a horse. He is from Kentucky after all. What the little Colonel Sanders riding a skateboard is doing in the bottom left corner, we have no idea.

The official KFC Facebook page uploaded the cover image with the following blurb:

"If you love comics and fried chicken and subliminal marketing, then you'll love this free exclusive #SDCC comic about me," the status reads. If you really want to, you can pick up the comic at the convention from July 9-12.

Hey, at least it's free.

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