The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trading floor is usually a well-oiled machine, with traders shouting into their phones, waving sheets of paper in the air, and watching the numbers go up and down by just a few points to know exactly when to buy and sell at the best profit. The floor is an organized chaos that runs on numbers, computers and skilled traders who like to play the game.

Unfortunately, a computer glitch on Wednesday left that machine at a complete standstill, costing a hefty sum. The very computer systems that keep the floor running came to a halt for nearly four hours in the middle of the trading day, leaving many comparing it to how the market was also forced to shut down in the movie The Dark Knight Rises when Bane took the stock market of Gotham City hostage.

The Twitterverse was quick to jump on the comparison that was just too good to pass up meme-ing. The hashtag #NYSE has been trending on the social media microblogging site and the phrase "Blame it on Bane" is likely soon to become a trending hashtag as well.

Of course, the NYSE and some news outlets were quick to make sure that the public knew that the four-hour shutdown of the market was due to a computer glitch and not a hostile terrorist takeover from The League of Shadows.

That did not, however, stop the Twitterverse from rolling with their #Bane fun.

Sadly, the Twitterverse's fun had to end and the traders at the NYSE were finally able to breathe easy when trading resumed a little before the closing bell was rung.

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