In this day and age, you can get almost anything and everything delivered to you. However, some items are surprisingly becoming easier tohave delivered to your home.

The newest but certainly not the first service to get users high has lately set up shop and promises to be a roll above the rest. Potbox is a marijuana subscription box service aiming to deliver high-quality products in a sophisticated package.

Potbox is offering subscribers ethically grown cannabis for the price of $149.95 per delivery. The cannabis box comes in a luxurious packaging fit for a weed connoisseur and is delivered right to your doorstep.

Marijuana delivery services are nothing new, but what sets Potbox above the rest is the classy way the set is presented with two pre-rolled joints daintily secured inside a glass casing. Potbox's products are cultivated in small batches on different farms in the Santa Cruz area, ensuring only the best of the best reaches their customers. The batches of pot also go through a careful selection process by cannabis experts to guarantee quality control.

Potbox seems like a stoner's dream come true, but the service is only available in California and only for registered medical marijuana patients. The company aims to help customers who are medically in need with a hassle-free way to receive treatment and to take away the frustration, misinformation and paranoia surrounding the process of visiting a marijuana dispensary.

"A more sophisticated alternative to the various other 'on-demand' cannabis delivery services that simply aggregate and deliver whatever inventory is currently available at the local dispensaries," says Austin Heap, Potbox co-founder and CEO.

Potbox is also planning to add additional pricing, products and delivery options. Currently, Potbox bags are heavier than most bags available in the market, weighing in at 8 grams per quarter ounce, which can roll out about 10 grams of pot per package.

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