A 17-year-old member of Lizard Squad was convicted of 50,700 charges, yet managed to get off with no jail time whatsoever.

A Finnish court convicted the hacker of 50,700 charges including hacking and other cybercrimes, online harassment, money laundering, financial fraud and exposing company secrets, but the teenager received only a two-year suspended sentence. This means that despite the whopping amount of charges, the Lizard Squad member will not go to jail.

Finnish publication Kaleva reports that in addition to the two-year suspended prison sentence, the court also ordered the 17-year-old hacker to fight cybercrime.

The person in question is Julius Kivimaki, better known by his alias "Zeekill." Following the court ruling, Zeekill changed the description on his Twitter account to "untouchable hacker god."

The hacking team known as Lizard Squad has taken credit for several massive hacks in recent years, including the heavy Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that hit the PlayStation Network (PSN) and Xbox network.

Despite these attacks, Finnish law protected the teen from being extradited to face trial in the U.S. for crimes he committed against American companies or individuals. It remains unclear at this point whether the mild sentence he received is related to his age, but the lack of jail time has caused some serious criticism.

John Smedley, former Sony Online Entertainment CEO and current Daybreak CEO has publicly expressed outrage over the Finnish court sentence that relieves the hacker of any jail time. As a reminder, Smedley was aboard an American Airlines flight when a bomb threat issued by Lizard Squad caused panic and disruption, facing the plane to land.

In another tweet, Smedley further notes that Kivimaki has 15 other criminal cases that are currently awaiting prosecution in Finland. The CEO is also considering going after the 17-year-old hacker's parents in Civil court as well.

As for other members of the Lizard Squad, it remains to be seen how things and investigations will pan out.

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