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Lizard Squad DDoS Attacks Escalate: From Video Game Networks To Online Banks, Government Websites

The Lizard Squad, known for launching DDoS attacks on video game networks, is now targeting online banks and websites of government departments. The hacking group is utilizing the LizardStresser tool, in conjunction with compromised CCTVs and webcams.

Security July 4, 2016

Blizzard Mocked By Hacker Who Knocked Overwatch, World Of Warcraft, Diablo And Hearthstone Gamers Offline

Blizzard's platform suffered an outage that left 'Overwatch,' 'Hearthstone,' 'World of Warcraft,' 'Diablo' and more players unable to log in. A hacker claimed responsibility and is mocking both Blizzard and gamers, and more disruptions could be in the cards.

Video Games June 21, 2016

Lizard Squad Teen Hacker Guilty Of 50,700 Cybercrimes But Receives No Jail Time

17-year-old Lizard Squad hacker Julius Kivimaki has been convicted of more than 50,000 crimes, yet walks off with no jail time. The hacker's Twitter account description now reads 'untouchable hacker god.'

Society July 10, 2015

PSN And Xbox Live Go Down: Lizard Squad To Blame?

Notorious hacking group Lizard Squad is claiming responsibility for the bringing down PSN and Xbox Live services.

Video Games May 16, 2015

Lizard Squad Hackers Take Over With Comical Slideshow

Lenovo’s website has been hacked. for more than an hour showed what appeared to be images of the teenage hackers dressed in wigs while music from 'High School Musical' played in the background.

Computers February 25, 2015

Taylor Swift on Nude Photo Threat Following Twitter, Instagram Hack: You Got Nothing

Taylor Swift's Twitter and Instagram accounts have been hacked by those claiming to have her nude photo. The pop singer has retorted: they got nothing.

Arts & Culture January 28, 2015

Who Needs Lizard Squad When Facebook, Instagram Can Take Down Themselves

Facebook and Instagram were briefly inaccessible across most of the world. The Lizard Squad claimed to be behind the attack, but Facebook reported a different explanation.

Internet January 28, 2015

Facebook, Instagram Back Online After 40-Minute Outage: Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility, Facebook Says It's Internal Glitch

No, Facebook did not get hacked, but Twitter still gets some love from all the social media users who had to go online to post their breakfast photos.

Internet January 27, 2015

Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked by 'Cyber Caliphate'

The website of Malaysia Airlines has been attacked by hackers claiming to be from the Lizard Squad. The attack, however, may be connected to ISIS.

Business January 26, 2015

PlayStation Holds 10 Percent Off Weekend Sale of Games, DLC, Pre-Orders, and Season Passes

Sony's PlayStation Network is offering a 10 percent discount on purchases made through its online store. The promo is a one-time deal applied to the user’s total cart purchase.

Video Games January 20, 2015

Police Arrest UK Teen for Hacking PlayStation Network, Xbox Live

Police arrested an 18-year-old from Southport under the computer misuse act. The arrest was a joint operation between the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit and the FBI.

Internet January 16, 2015

Kiss and Make Up? Sony Offers Discounts, Extends PlayStation Plus Memberships Following PSN Outage

Sony tries to make up for the Dec. 25 outage that outraged several gamers around the world when they couldn't activate their new PlayStations on Christmas Day. Here is what PS owners get.

Video Games January 2, 2015

Week In Review: Top 5 News Headlines Not To Miss

The final week of 2014, pretty much like every week this year, was full of tech news even with the holiday season and dawn of a new year. For those who were traveling, or busy getting new mobile devices up and running, here's a run down of the week's top tech news.

Gadgets January 2, 2015

RIP Internet? Lizard Squad Hawking DDoS Attack Service Starting at $2.99 Monthly

Hacker group Lizard Squad has launched the Lizard Stresser service: Internet users can pay to have certain websites taken down for varying amounts of time.

Internet January 1, 2015

Lizard Squad to Peddle Hacking Services for Small Fee

The hacking group Lizard Squad is now selling its DDoS attack tool. Dubbed as ‘Lizard Stresser,’ the tool can allow anyone to bring down a website or any services that operate online.

Internet January 1, 2015

Tor Attack Pits Anonymous Against Lizard Squad: PSN and Xbox Live Back Online

Lizard Squad compromises the anonymity of the Tor network and irks the Anonymous collective again. 'Do something,' Lizard Squad tells Anonymous when it complains.

Internet January 1, 2015

PlayStation Network Users Still Experiencing Log-in, Connectivity Issues. What You Should Know

PlayStation Network was up, then down again for users. Sony has asked gamers to report details of connectivity issues.

Video Games December 30, 2014

PlayStation Network Has (Almost) Recovered from Lizard Squad Cyberattack

The PlayStation Network is gradually recovering from a DDoS attack that brought it down. Notorious hacker group the Lizard Squad claimed to be behind the attack.

Video Games December 29, 2014

Destiny: Xur's Stay in the Tower Extended Over Xbox Live, PSN Outages

Xur will be extending his stay in the Tower in light of the DDoS attacks carried out by the Lizard Squad that brought down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Video Games December 29, 2014

Kim Dotcom Saves Christmas for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Owners Worldwide

Amid all the hacking that caused the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live to bog down during Christmas Day, a sole hero in the form of Kim Dotcom came out to save gamers everywhere.

Video Games December 29, 2014

Anonymous to Lizard Squad: Keep Your Hands off Tor

Hacktivist group Anonymous has remained in the background as Lizard Squad lambasted Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Anonymous will not, however, stay there for long as Lizard Squad attempts to target Tor.

Internet December 27, 2014

Did Kim Dotcom Rescue Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Users from Lizard Squad? You Decide

Did Kim Dotcom save gaming for Christmas? Or did he just make things worse?

Video Games December 27, 2014

Not a Merry Christmas: Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Get Pwned by Lizard Squad

Gamers who received a new video game console this Christmas won’t be able to play on their new PlayStation or Xbox gaming systems for the holidays. Gaming Networks Get Pwned by Lizard Squad.

Video Games December 26, 2014

North Korea Slowly Recovering From Internet Outage: Who's Behind It?

As North Korea struggles to recover from attacks that took down its Internet, speculations run rampant that it was the United States behind the cyberattack. However, a popular hacking group has claimed that it was responsible.

Business December 26, 2014

North Korea Witnesses Nationwide Internet Outage: Is It A Retaliation?

North Korea's entire Internet infrastructure goes down in a DDoS attack. Could it have been the work of the U.S. government or hackers pissed off for not being able to watch 'The Interview'?

Internet December 24, 2014

Sony PlayStation Network Recovers from Lizard Squad Hack: Investigation Underway

Sony Pictures' woes are still far too many, as Sony becomes the subject of another attack crashing the PlayStation Network. Who is behind the attack this time?

Video Games December 9, 2014

Sony Cyber Nightmare Continues as PlayStation Network Gets Kicked Offline

Sony appears to have fallen victim to another cyberattack, though the PlayStation Network's downtime lasted just a few hours. The group claiming responsibility for the hack appears unrelated to the collective that is attacking Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Business Tech December 8, 2014

Xbox Live Goes Offline. Hacker Group Lizard Squad Strikes Again?

As Xbox Live goes offline, hacker group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility. Could it be another one of their DDoS attacks?

Business December 2, 2014

Destiny, CoD Ghost servers go down. Lizard Squad strikes again?

The Lizard Squad strikes again, taking down servers of Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The servers, however, are back up and running.

Video Games September 29, 2014

Destiny servers are down thanks to Lizard Squad hacker group - Call of Duty: Ghosts servers are down also

Lizard Squad hacker group is at it again after bringing down Destiny and Call of Duty: Ghosts servers with a DDoS attack. Gamers on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are quite angry.

Movies/TV Shows September 24, 2014

Hackers target Sony Playstation Network, issue bomb threat for plane carrying company exec

Sony had a rough time with hackers last weekend. A hacker group called Lizard Squad hit the Playstation Network with a DDoS attack and issued a bomb threat for a plane carrying a company exec.

Video Games August 31, 2014

Twitch latest victim of Lizard Squad hack attack? You bet

Lizard Squad continues to wreak havoc on the video gaming world with their latest hack of Twitch and its streaming service. This attack follows previous ones against Microsoft and Sony.

Video Games August 28, 2014

Lizard Squad: How this hacker collective is bringing the gaming world down to its knees

The hacker group Lizard Squad performed a series of DDoS attacks that took down gaming networks over the weekend. It also issued a bomb threat for a plane carrying a top Sony executive.

Video Games August 27, 2014

Sony PlayStation Network suffers DDoS attack

An Internet troll or a legitimate terrorist group? Hackers have caught the FBI’s attention after tweeting a bomb threat following an attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network.

Video Games August 26, 2014

Sony PlayStation Network attacked by Lizard Squad hackers: Xbox Live as well?

Lizard Squad hackers are targeting Sony and its PlayStation Network with the traditional DDoS attack. Millions of gamers in North America are unable to go online and play with friends and families.

Business Tech August 25, 2014

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