PlayStation 4 users have a lot to celebrate as Treyarch Studios has confirmed that PS4 players are the first to get Call of Duty: Black Ops III when the game's multiplayer beta version launches.

Treyarch Studios first announced at E3 this year that it is releasing the third installment in the Black Ops series. In a recent tweet, the studio confirmed that the exact launch date of the game will be Aug. 19 and that it will come first to the PS4.

"We're excited to announce that the #BlackOps3 Multiplayer Beta will begin on 8/19 starting on PS4. More information coming soon!," said Treyarch Studios in a tweet.

This means that PlayStation users will be the first to play the game series' new map packs, a special treat that was enjoyed exclusively by Xbox users in the past.

In previous E3 events, Xbox users were always the first in line to get the Call of Duty installments. This year, however, the tables have turned.

There's no information yet on the reason behind the switch, but PS4 users wouldn't really care that much anyway.

To gain access to the beta, players should have pre-ordered Black Ops III beforehand. Those who have pre-ordered on PSN prior to the announcement are already eligible to participate in the game's multiplayer beta launch.

For those who have pre-ordered from a participating store, they should have received a code, which they will use to redeem their order. Lastly, users should expect to get a second code and instructions on accessing the multiplayer beta from Activision in their email at least a few days prior to the launch.

Multiplayer betas are popular not only among developers because of the opportunity they get in learning how the game's systems will be compatible with the platform but also among players who get the chance to have a sneak peek into the game, giving them some sort of bragging rights to their gaming peers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is launching fully on Nov. 6. Apart from the PS4, the game is also landing on Xbox One and the PC. There's also some hints that the multiplayer beta mode could be launching on the Xbox, although the exact date is still unknown.

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