Future doctor who auctions virginity for $800,000, backs out


She used the alias "Elizabeth Raine" and started a blog called "Musings of a Virgin Whore." The 28-year-old med student launched an online auction for her virginity on Mar. 31, saying that the scandal, eroticism and adventure of this game are what attracted her to do this.

Raine proclaimed her virginity, saying she can undergo a medical exam or polygraph test to prove it to the winning bidder. Based on her action rules, all bidders will be charged a non-refundable $100 fee and the winning bidder should wire-transfer the winning amount into the Virgin's trust fund within 24 hours of meeting, provided that they had sexual intercourse. Catching the interest of many, the auction received an offer of $550,000 before it concluded on May 7 and ended at $801,000. However, Raine backed out of the game.

"The bidding closed yesterday as planned (high bid was $801,000), but I am here to tell you that the terms of the auction will not be fulfilled. With the blessings of my management and the high bidders, I have decided to put a stop to this kerfuffle (to describe it nicely) and return my focus to my medical training," Raine wrote on her blog.

Raine said she has been planning to start the auction for an entire year which transformed and educated her more about virginity, slut-shaming and prostitution. She claims to have biology and engineering bachelor's degrees and to be in school to finish a combined Masters and PhD program. She expressed her concern that the auction might kick her out of college even if she is not using it for status, ego or money.

Raine listed her height as 5'10" and her weight at 130 pounds. Based on her photos, she has green eyes and blonde hair. She notes that while she also wants the financial benefit from the auction, her main purpose is to challenge the norms about virginity.

The future doctor pledged 35 percent of the proceeds to a charitable organization that educated women in developing countries. She wrote that this gesture was not out of guilt but only because she does not need such a large sum of money.

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