PS4 Users Cry For Better PSN: Here Are Improvements Gamers Want


Many PlayStation 4 (PS4) gamers are petitioning Sony to improve the PlayStation Network (PSN), which has a number of issues.

Some PlayStation fans have started a new initiative called Better PSN in a bid to improve several aspects of PSN.

As part of the new initiative, these crusaders have set up a website called and the Twitter hashtag #BetterPSN to take suggestions from gamers on what to improve in PSN. The campaign has picked up momentum in the gaming community and many gamers are making suggestions regarding certain upgrades crucial to the network.

"We really want Sony to listen and enhance their network. We all love Sony and are passionate about our hobby. Let's make this!" the Better PSN website urged.

Below are some major suggestions that PS4 gamers want from Sony:

–Gamers want an online/offline status change that will allow them uninterrupted play during multiplayer modes.

–An enhanced user profile page that shows one's favorite game list, screenshots and recordings of a game, stats, game wishlist and more.

–Continuous trophy syncing

–A user's ability to delete items such as expired betas, old demos, unwanted games and so on.

–Increased cloud storage space and family account feature.

–Account region change.

–Better organization of friends list with the option to put in nicknames, group by categories and more.

–A tenure badge that shows how long a person has been a member of PSN.

Unhappy PSN users have also made remarks about a better PSN for better gaming experience.

Many fans agree that Sony should improve PSN; however, the company is yet to make an official statement regarding the Better PSN campaign. In the meantime, PS4 lovers can keep their suggestions coming in the hope of getting Sony to listen and take action.

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