Nokia's HERE is pushing out a public beta for its popular HERE Maps Android app, which brings with it a new contextual menu feature that can be tested.

A couple of months ago, the HERE Maps made its way to Android. Now with the public beta being rolled out, users will have the option to test out the features developers add prior to the final version's release.

"We're launching this public beta program to help us get performance data and feedback from users across a range of Android devices to help us identify issues and iterate new versions even faster," noted the HERE 360 blog.

HERE pushed out the beta program in a bid to hasten the release cycle. Moreover, developers also require people to test out the new features being introduced to the maps Android app regularly for any hiccups. The beta program will serve both purposes and help HERE garner ample feedback and performance data, which will aid the developers in countering bugs and other niggles prior to the release of the final version.

HERE is deploying Google Play's Beta program and, therefore, those looking to get on board will need to join the Google Group. Here's how to join the program:

–Go to Google Group and join.

–Navigate to this link on your smartphone and select the "Become a Tester" option.

–Install / Update the HERE Maps app from Google Play store to the beta version.

–Use the app as normal. You can report issues via the Feedback option in the app's menu or email the HERE team at

The beta version may not be available straight away as it requires registration with the Google Play Servers. You could get an update for the same a little later. Ensure your device is running Android 4.1 or later and has 1GB of RAM or more. It is important to note that HERE Maps will only work for devices with a screen size between 4 to 6.9 inches.

Once you've signed up for the program, you can test out the "contextual menu" feature. To access this, you will have to long-press on any spot on the map. This will bring up a shortcut menu where you will see the location information, location sharing option, directions or the start drive navigation.

If you sign up for the beta version, then it will replace the Android HERE app's stable version. This may result in issues as it is a less stable version. Of course, the option to sign out of the beta version exists and one can download the stable Android HERE Maps version and reinstall it.

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