AT&T subscribers using the HTC One M9 will get the next flavor of Android Lollipop today, July 15, according to HTC's Mo Versi.

Versi, senior vice president of Product Management at HTC, tweeted the news though he didn't specify exactly what time today Android Lollipop 5.1 will be rolling out over the air to HTC One M9 handsets.

"HTC One (M9) AT&T Owners! We have received technical approval on Lollipop OS 5.1 which includes camera improvements," stated Versi. "OTA to start on 7/15!!"

Later on in the tweet chain, T-Mobile's US Twitter account chimed in to update the Twitterverse on the Android upgrades. But with Versi announcing that the Android 5.1 Lollipop update is on track for a July 20 rollout, T-Mobile had to perform some minor damage control. When accused of "sucking" because its updates aren't delivered as quickly as AT&T pumps them out, the "un-carrier" responded with the following:

For those planning a jump from one carrier to another, the HTC One M9's UH Oh Protection covers that technology exchange along with a host of other complications.

"We are not only delivering the best-looking, best-performing smartphone on the market, we are ensuring it stays that way with UH OH Protection," said Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC America. "We are the only smartphone company that has your back if something unfortunate happens or if you need to change carriers."

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