You Can Drop These Logi BLOK iPad Cases And Your iDevice Will Still Be OK


Logitech, which has now re-branded as Logi, has unveiled its new Logi BLOK iPad cases, which are tough-looking and hold the promise of durability.

The Logi BLOK family of cases for iPad is sturdy: even if you drop your tablet from a maximum height of six feet, it will still be able to withstand the impact and safeguard your device from any damage.

Logitech has released three iPad cases as part of Logi BLOK, namely the Logi BLOK Protective Shell, Logi BLOK Protective Case and Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case. The three iPad cases come with cushioned corners, which basically protect the device and do not make for a bulky-looking protective casing either.

"Until now, protecting your iPad from drops meant covering it with a bulky case that took away from the beauty and mobility of the iPad. Our designers worked with material experts to protect the most sensitive parts of the iPad without adding the bulk you associate with ultra-protective cases," noted Michele Hermann, Logitech's VP of mobility.

The square corners of the case help protect the iPad from damage on surfaces that are "as hard as concrete." The absorbent polymer structure not only supports but also flexes with the iPad when there is an impact.

The Logi BLOK cases not only offer protection for your iPad, but also look attractive at the same time.

The Logi BLOK Protective Shell is meant for the iPad mini (all models) and the iPad Air 2. It will come in three hues: red/violet, teal/blue and black and cost $39.99.

The Logi BLOK Protective Case is meant for the iPad Air 2 and will also come in three hues: red/violet, teal/blue and black. It will cost $69.99.

The Logi BLOK Protective Keyboard Case is meant for the iPad Air 2 and is the most expensive of the lot at $129.99. Logitech touts it as the "all-in-one iPad case with four modes." The case will come in teal/blue and black.

The Logi BLOK cases for iPad will go on sale in August in the U.S., New Zealand, select European nations and Australia.

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