Unless you're already a big film buff, you might not know the name Alejandro G. Iñárritu ... but you do know his work. He's the man behind last year's hit Birdman, and the first Mexican-born director to win the Academy Award for Best Director. To put it lightly, Birdman took over the film industry when it was released late last year - and ever since then, fans of Iñárritu have been waiting to see just what he's been working on.

It's no secret that Iñárritu has been working on an adaptation of Michael Punke's The Revenant - the director announced that he'd be working on the movie before Birdman was even released. That being said, announcing a project and actually showing it off are two completely different things - no one's seen anything from the project since its announcement. Thankfully, that changes today.

The first trailer for The Revenant has just been released, and while most trailers released these days are nothing but dialogue and CG explosions, The Revenant's first teaser is surprisingly vague...and it's all the better for it.

Let's be honest: The Revenant's first teaser isn't going to answer many questions about its story. Frankly, that's probably a good thing: while some trailers are ruining the movies they're supposed to be advertising, The Revenant's trailer keeps thing vague. Not only does it help maintain the teaser's atmosphere, but it establishes a setting without giving away the plot.

Then again, a little context never hurt anyone: without reading up on the film's basic plot (or reading the book, written by Michael Punke), there's really no way to tell what's going on. It's clear that the trailer is light on info for a reason, but newcomers will have to look somewhere else for an explanation on what exactly is going on.

Of course, if you don't mind waiting, it won't be that much longer before the film hits theaters: The Revenant is set to debut on Dec. 25.

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