The latest system update for the PlayStation 4 (PS4), which Sony rolled out in early July, is said to have brought problems along with it.

Sony released software update 2.55 on July 1, which the company claims will improve system software stability. However, many PS4 users have taken to various forums and complained that their console is not reading the disc properly after downloading the update. PS4 users report that the system has to be rebooted so that it reads the disc accurately.

"It started when I got ESO a few days ago, it wouldn't register; I put it in the disc tray. But when I restarted it, it would read it just fine. Any fixes or signs of a failing disc reader?" shared a Reddit user.

The issue is said to arise when the physical eject button on the PS4 is pressed and a disc is inserted. When the disc tray is ejected with the system software, there is no problem in playing a disc.

"[It] happened to me as well. After the latest patch, I've had some issues. Also, I will put my PS4 into rest mode, and then randomly, say, when I wake up in the morning, it's on, but blinking blue. [I] have to pull the power and restart, then it's fine," complained another Reddit user.

A NeoGaf forum user faces a similar problem: "My PS4 refuses to read discs a lot of the time until I restart it ... and it makes the three beep 'eek, you did something wrong' sound. Afterwards it's fine until the next time I boot it from rest mode, then it does it again."

The disc-reading problem is not critical, and it does not prevent users from using their PS4. However, it can be quite annoying to switch the console off and on to play a disc.

Sony has yet to confirm the problem that has followed after the system update. PS4 users do hope that Sony rolls out a fix to address the disc-reading problem as soon as possible for a seamless PS4 experience.

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