Mortal Kombat X Welcomes Tremor To Lineup Of Fully Playable Characters


The Richter scale is about to go wild. Tremor is joining the world's deadly tournament on July 21 to complete Mortal Kombat X's downloadable content package.

Tremor, one of the more obscure Mortal Kombat characters, was last seen in 2000's Mortal Kombat: Special Forces, but after a decade and a half, the earthen fighter appears to have aged well, and his look is even more distinctive.

Those who purchased Mortal Kombat X's season pass, "Kombat Pack," will gain access to Tremor on July 21. Those who have been filling their plates with DLC characters a la carte will have to wait a week, as Tremor will be available to all players for $5.

For a brolic baddy, Tremor can move. As revealed in the gameplay trailer on Sunday, his feet and fist have the kinetic force to shake the ground and stun opponents.

In one of his finishers, "Krystal Khaos," Tremor turns into a jagged mess of jade and crystallizes his opponents. Supreme on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Tremor, of course, crushes his "krystalized" victims to finish them off. Then there's his "Rock Head" finisher, in which he crushes skulls like a wrecking ball to brick and mortar.

Along with the brimstome, Tremor is quite adept at wielding what appears to be hell's fire. And then there's this, whatever this is:

Along with the walking earthquake, Warner Bros. is releasing the Klassic Kombat Skins Pack 2 to round out Mortal Kombat X's season pass. The publisher is also handing out a bit of free DLC to all players.

All players will be gifted the Klassic Fatalities Pack on July 21. The DLC bundle includes new fatalities for Jax, Kitana, Kung Lao and Mileena.

Alright, back to the main attraction. Watch Tremor unleash his fury in the video below:

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