NFL Rookies Aren't Happy With Their 'Madden NFL 16' Ratings


EA has revealed the top 10 rookies for Madden NFL 16 according to their player rating system. EA has also revealed the reactions of those rookies upon learning what their ratings will be in the game in a new video. Spoiler alert: they almost universally agree they all deserve better.

Amari Cooper, wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders, came out on top of the list with an 82 overall player rating.

"Cooper should be a primary receiver from day one and a favorite target of second-year QB Derek Carr," reads the official Madden NFL 16 blog post announcing the rankings. "In addition to his rookie-best 82 OVR, he brings 92 Speed, 94 Agility, and 87 Catching (second only to Kevin White among rookies)."

You can see the top 10 rookies below. Follow the link here for a more in-depth breakdown of the rankings.

1. Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders WR (82 OVR)
2. Jameis Winston, Tamp Bay Bucaneers QB (81 OVR)
3. Todd Gurley, St. Louis Rams HB (80 OVR)
4. Leonard Williams, New York Jets DL (80 OVR)
5. Brandon Scherff, Washington Redskins OL (80 OVR)
6. Dante Fowler Jr., Jacksonville Jaguars DE (79 OVR)
7. Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers RB (78 OVR)
8. Kevin White, Chicago Bears WR (78 OVR)
9. Marcus Mariota, Tenneesee Titans QB (78 OVR)
10. Vic Beasley Jr., Atlanta Falcons RE (77 OVR)

Turns out that despite having yet to play a game in the NFL, most of these rookies feel like they deserve a higher rating. Most of the rookies in the video below say they believe themselves to be in the upper or mid 80s, with many rookies specifically saying 82 or 83. Some players are way off. In reality, Cooper is the only rookie to even approach the high hopes that many of the players have for their rating.

The good thing about the Madden rating system, however, is that these numbers will change over the course of the season based on player performance. Cooper despite being on top boldy proclaims his rating will go up over the course of the season, while other players wad up the papers revealing their ratings and toss them off screen. Only time will tell, but for the moment, these 10 rookies are on top. Even if they think they deserve better.

Madden NFL 16 releases on Aug. 25. Gamers who purchase the recently announced Xbox One Madden NFL 16 bundle will be able to play the game five days early with their one year EA Access subscription.

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